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Building Blocks

Our non-exclusive Building Blocks collection contains more than 22.300 products.
About 6.800 mono and bicycle pyrazoles are available from stock.
Heterocycles (pyrazoles, thiophenes) containing F atom in heterocycle circle are significant part of our Building Blocks data base.
As a rule overwhelming majority of items are produced in our Laboratory that makes our Building Blocks quite original and unique.
Some examples are listed below:

Prices on Building Blocks are divided into ten Categories from A up to J with quantities starting from 0,1g up to 100g and are given in US dollars.
But orders are accepted in less than 100mg amounts as well as for more than 100g amounts.
Category A is the economy price category while Category J is applied to most expensive products.
Building Blocks are delivered in glass vials placed in plastic containers via UPS.
Delivery time is 1 week after the receipt of the order.
Delivery time for resynthesis ranges from 1 week up to 4 weeks.
Purity of Building Blocks is 95%+ with H-1 NMR and mass spectra available upon request.
We guarantee correspondence of our chemicals to the requested chemical structures.

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